For many children the kindergarten or nursery is the first opportunity to regularly spend a large part of the day away from their family. Our special approach to early years education will feed their developing skills and interests at the right times and help them to become capable and in control of their world.

It is our wish that your children develop both in their individuality and as members of the community.

Your children will learn to recognize their own needs and to succeed, but also learn to adapt to the needs of the group. With us your children will gain life experiences, make their first friendships and learn to maintain them.

In our nursery and kindergarten the children will be immersed in the English and German languages the whole day.

In our kindergarten and nursery we work according to the concept of Maria Montessori. An important basic principle for us is: “help me to help myself.”

As we take children from all over the world, it is important for us to celebrate the various festivals of the nations represented in our kindergarten and nursery as well as the German festivals. We celebrate our festivals with the help of stories, songs and food. We also invite parents to visit their child’s classroom to describe the special customs and celebrations of their homelands.